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The System


We live in a universe of duality. As much as it is not black and white, there are variances yes. Like the Yin and Yang there is a little bit of opposites in each.

With every positive comes a negative and vice versa. Nature has a way of just “working”. It never struggles to do what it does, it just does, wether we like it or not. Feelings aside.

With this comes, I guess you can say “universal laws” of how things are. Wether you like it or not. There are states of on and off, 1 and 0, yes and no, positive charge and negative charge, male and female.

These energy states work in such a way with or in nature to create the reality we perceive every day. It is part of the construct.

When it comes to humans. Or, arguably any “intelligent” life at the same stage as humans. There seems to be an issue where the species in question will push the boundaries of this. This is neither good nor bad to an extent but there does seem to be a limit as to how far it can go without repercussions. The trick is to try to work with nature the most you can. When you go too far off the path bad things seem to happen to self regulate.

(*Note. stating “nature” in this sense does not mean the tree hugging definition of the word. Rather, the universal laws of nature that define reality.)

Visually in your mind, you can think of it like: reality being a mechanical and mathematical system made up of almost an infinite number of “moving parts”, gears if you will… Some very large and some very small and everything in-between. All moving together in unison and synergy.

Some humans, tend to want to go against nature, these groups of people are like wrenches that loosen the gears until they fall off, making the gears of the system have to compensate and bypass the missing ones to keep the system moving.

Let’s go back to the whole duality thing.

The masculine – Yang, represents order.

The feminine – Yin, represents chaos.

This is just 1 part of the entire universal system. If you zoom in on the system to human kind and apply it you can see it in human nature.

The Pendulum


As discussed earlier, human kind as a whole is a very small part of an infinitesimally larger system comparatively speaking. But when zoomed in locally the same principles still apply. Because humans have certain groups that want to go with and certain groups that want to go against nature we end up with a pendulum effect. This stems from the same masculine and same feminine. And, just like the Yang and the Yin there is a small bit of each in each. This is the Pareto principle or 80/20 rule.

(*Note. To be clear in the metaphysical the “feminine” does not necessarily mean women, it can include both women and men, there are plenty of men who are feminine as per the philosophy of the Yin and Yang and using the Pareto principle, you can arguably say that on a global scale, 20% of men are feminine and 20% of women are masculine. It’s nothing to be offended about, it just is what it is.)

These principles can be found everywhere in nature. If you take 100 women and 100 men and put them in a room, it is likely that 100% of the women will be attracted to 20% of the men. It also accounts for what people think is inequality. It’s really just a mathematical problem. In any given grouping of people, both on small and large scales, 20% of the people will likely accumulate 80% of the wealth.

Go back to primitive hunter / gatherer civilizations and it would be likely that 20% of the people in any given tribe would do 80% of the accusation of food in the form of protein which is needed for the survival of the tribe.

Fast forward to today and we can clearly see these forces at work within western society. But humans being a species that seems too, by nature swing within this system rather than maintaining a constant steadiness of balance within the construct, this manifests itself in a number of ways. Even down to culture, politics and laws.


The pendulum to the feminine

With this being said, when we look at western soyciety, I mean… Society. We can clearly see that the pendulum has swung to the feminine in the current day. What does this mean?

We see less order and more chaos. This manifests itself in many ways.

People are more “fluid” in who they think are, who they want to be and who they want to have relations with.

Things can be more fun in one way.

Structure of languages breaks down. Example: If everything is “racist” then logically nothing can be.

People are more emotional. Thus, the version of reality people see is skewed to how they feel rather than what is.

People are more covert.

People tend to value protection and provision more.

We see unrest in the form of emotionally driven and in some cases even sanctioned riots that spark from protests.

We see pushes to make order a “bad” thing. IE: There are professors that are claiming math itself is “racist” and that 2+2 can equal 5.

We see (and have seen for some time now) pushes to make society more gynocentric.

We see society push to be anti male as a further extension of the former statement.

Things get torn down.

We see people wearing 3 masks on their face and doing, thinking and believing other erratic, non logical things, another example of this is the obesity epidemic. Where people who claim to care about their life and health, would rather make believe wearing 3 masks will “protect them” more than going to the gym, eating healthy and loosing weight which would also strengthen their immune system. Makes a lot of sense right?

We see things generally make less “sense”, this is the nature of chaos.

The outcome of this, if it persists is a high likelihood of war, famine and general destruction.

The pendulum to the masculine


In cases where the pendulum is more to the masculine, you would have a stricter world of order.

People would have less fluidity of who they think they are, who they want to be and who they have relations with.

People would be less emotional and more rational.

Things would be more structured.

There would be less guess work to do in every day life because things would be more specific and clear cut. IE only 2 genders with the exception of Hermaphrodites VS the countless genders people claim there are in the current day.

People are more overt.

People tend to value freedom and opportunity more.

Things can be more fun in a different way.

People would tend to be more rational thinking.

People would be more accepting of agency.

Things get built up.

Mathematics would be what it is.

Things generally would be accepted for what they are rather than how things make people feel.


There are many more outcomes of these sides of the coin overpowering the other but the point is that they both exist, not to be in conflict with each other, but to work with each other. Neither is good nor bad. They just are. 



The problem with humans is that for the most part. Humans tend to believe it’s a conflict. A battle between good and evil, so they constantly fight for power over the other which works against nature rather than with it. Hence “the battle of the sexes” and the struggle between the “weak and the strong”. Even in most countries there is a perceived “left” and “right” side of politics. Which is false because its more of a political trichotomy but that’s whole other essay.

Because of this, the human condition is constantly, subconsciously looking for solutions to problems that are created as a direct result of this condition. And if you are still reading, this is where cryptocurrency comes into the equation.

Cryptocurrency not only mimics nature by way of a block chain being a sequence of recorded events in time, like the universe itself. It also attempts to mitigate the swinging of the pendulum, the constant battle that humans persist in creating.

Cryptocurrency itself is arguably a creation of the subconscious human effort to mitigate the swinging of the pendulum. Because for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you create chaos, order will attempt to counterbalance.

In a world of growing chaos as the pendulum continues to swing more and more to the feminine, something will happen to attempt to bring the pendulum the opposite way and in that regard, cryptocurrency is attempting to bring order to the growing chaos.

This is why the more crazy humanity and the world seems to get, the more of a demand for cryptocurrency there will be. Because humans as a species need to have a definitive system of who has what. Without that the very fabric of our way of living would crumble into total chaos and war.

Cryptocurrency used the right way, as a decentralized free and open system and market can be the thing that helps bring humanity back to balance and this is where humanity needs to be to sustainably grow as a species.


Something to keep in mind when it comes to this system of nature. When the balance is too far one way, as the pendulum swings, you can as per basic physics expect the pendulum to swing as far to some varying degree to the opposite side. IMHO humanity has swung the pendulum dangerously far to the feminine. Which, in the future can result in the very people pushing the pendulum to the feminine actually creating the opposite effect of what they want. A world of total order when the pendulum swings back into the masculine. Just some food for thought. This is why I advocate for balance.

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