Block Advisor is committed to providing quality analysis on the cryptocurrency markets, blockchain, geo politics, traditional markets and much more. With that said, we are also committed to putting our money where our mouths are.

As advocates for voting with our dollar and believing in free and open markets. We are actively involved in early stage investing in projects we believe in. We look for fundamentally strong projects that have the potential to change the world for the better. We stay flexible in the sectors we participate in as we realize that the cryptocurrency market as a whole is a baby, in its infancy. There are many sectors we envision that will be ported over into the crypto space. It is in our interests to help see that the best of the best are incubated into the market.

We do not take payments, kickbacks or coins from projects. We invest our own money into the projects we find and like. These fundamentally sound projects you may see discussed on this site.

Another aspect of our vision is the understanding that finance, commerce and transaction between humans are a very precious and delicate aspect of life and liberty. It must be respected but it also must be preserved and protected. As stated, we are advocates for free and open markets and believe that the crypto space must remain decentralized, free and open for anyone to participate. It must also remain a space where users hold their private keys and maintain their sovereign rights as humans. With this being said, we actively look for projects that maintain the sentiment and vision of Satoshi for the development of a free and open market.



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