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    “We are cryptocurrency investors, cryptocurrency consultants, technical analysts, fundamental analysts, researchers, designers & developers. We have the technological knowledge and experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency and multimedia to get your business working in tech, and to get tech working for you.”

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    We offer consulting services that will propel you and your business into the blockchain. Enabling you to do business world wide and giving you the confidence to work with blockchain safely and securely. Wether you need to Collect or send payments, use supply chain, tokenize or more. We have solutions that will work for you.


    Blockchain Education

    Blockchain Education

    We provide education on blockchain and blockchain related products & services to both businesses and individuals. Technology moves fast, we can help you keep up, wether you are looking for guidance on getting started in cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency security, wallets & custody or looking for solutions and education on integration with business, we can show you how to get started.




    We offer solutions for on-boarding to cryptocurrency and blockchain.We can set you and your business up with both hot and cold cryptocurrency wallets, point of sale units and apps, as well as DApps. Everything you will need to collect and send crypto payments for your business. We can also set you up with solutions to collect and send payments on the go for mobile business solutions.



    Technical Analysis

    Expert technical analysis in cryptocurrency markets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, high cap coins and low caps. We also track traditional markets.


    Project Management

    Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental Analysis is crucial in this fast paced market. We track the development of various projects, consistently keeping up with the growth of an array of projects. We also on occasion work with projects.


    Content Management

    Cryptocurrency Research

    Generally, we are always researching. General market sentiment, market news, ICO’s and low caps, new emerging tech in the crypto space, trends , wider markets at large, economics, politics and anything else that can effect the market.

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