Normies ruin everything, including the internet.

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Normies ruin everything. Hey it’s not our fault they do that. They have collectively ruined many aspects of “western culture” and all in the name of “equality” and “social justice”. Over here though, we know the real deal. Underneath it all, it’s all just communism.

1. Movies are dead. Not because of covid no. Covid and closures of the movie theatres only exacerbated the already failing market. With the SJW’ing up of damn near everything, we have watched in the past few years some of the worst movies to hit the big screen and small screen. We have even seen the destruction of big movies such as Star Wars. All thanks to SJW executives who put feelings before actual outcomes.

2. TV is dead. Most of the people in the circles I run in online no longer watch TV. Now a days it’s all fluff.  Similar to point 1 on this list.

3.  Mating is dead. Yes they even killed that too. You can thank the likes of feminism and their constant, uncontrollable thirst to ruin anything fun in life with things like #metoo and false accusations. We can see the direct results of their labor. Just look at the marriage rates. We don’t need to stop there, birth rates have been steadily declining too. Cohabitation is on the rise but this will start to decline, trust me, they will ruin that too soon enough.

Marriages and Divorces - Our World in Data

4. They even tried (and continually try) to ruin fitness. Yes because lazy people are jealous of people who can motivate themselves to get off their ass and do something that will help them live longer, be stronger, be faster and more attractive than them. and I could go on and on with more examples.

5. Social media. Do I even need to explain this one? From the constant banning, campaigns to ruin peoples lives/get them fired for posting something they don’t like, limiting free speech and bullying anyone online that does not sip the coolaid of the woke cathedral (when they constantly claim to be the ones against bullying). They have basically made social media into a network of digital ghettos. A place where anyone with a brain has drastically limited their time on IF they spend any time on them at all. For many (like us in crypto) we tend to spend more of our time on telegram. Places like Facebook, Twitter and so on are garbage.

6. All of the normie, left leaning states. There has been mass exodus’s from places like California and places of the like. Funny how even normies end up hating what they create and leave, but then they leave and do the same thing somewhere else.

7. The Internet. They ruined the internet itself. The creator of the world wide web (Tim Berners-Lee) is even fed up of it all and is working on a NEW internet. So what does that tell you?

But wait!? What does ANY of this have to do with cryptocurrency?

This has EVERYTHING to do with cryptocurrency!

Because, as I have been stating for years and years. Cryptocurrency is the simplest, quickest and most effective ways that we have to combat the ever-growing arm of leftist, progressive, “democratic (mob)” authoritarianism, as well as corruption and many of the other ill’s that plague the Earth. The thing that most traders in crypto still are ignoring is that they are all in the middle of a cold war, same as the useful idiot normies. This war is a war over many things but to name a few, power, control (through social engineering, or through the control of the platforms that allow for this), attention and data are just a few of the things.

And how do you pull the rug from under the feet of fanatic ideologues who lust at the idea that they could ruin lives online? Censor people and totally remove anyone that does not agree with them? Cryptocurrency and blockchain. It’s really that simple.

In one of my last posts I stated that a Joe Biden victory will be bullish for crypto and so far, again I have been right (I hope you longed). But now that Biden is in office, don’t think that the crazy leftist mob will stop. This is just the start. Next we will see more platforms be taken down, we will see anyone who does not agree be branded a “hate group”, we will see a rise in new “red flag” laws which will be used to also shut up anyone who does not agree, we will see the continuous persecution of anyone or anything that goes against the woke mob and they will use any under handed tactic to do what they do. This is how subversion works.

But on the other hand, we will see that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and THIS, 2021 will be the beginning of an explosion of “alt-tech”. More and more blockchain DAaps will roll out to remedy this. Thus, we WILL see an explosion in ALT coins, we may even finally see the killer DAap we have all been waiting for. So be ready and be cautious of any FUD from the mainstream media claiming that Bitcoin is going to dump or that the bull cycle is over. They WILL try to scare you out of your positions.

The beauty of fundamental analysis.

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