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As the blockchain space grows and BTC is on the road to its new bull run ATH we have a plethora of new projects, products and services. The beauty of this is that this time around we actually have some products that have meat to them in the sense of that, the space is producing things we can actually use on a day to day basis.

Enter:, think of it as the tradingview of the low cap coin market. This in my opinion is a highly useable product. As an investor and trader in the market I am always on the hunt for an edge in the market, whether that is finding tools and services to help get work done, community’s to network within and so on. is one of those tools and it is utilizing decentralization which is the icing on the cake. can be used for free with limited perks but still fully usable. I used it for weeks before taking the plunge and buying some coins.

With you can simply connect your wallet to the exchange, effectively logging you in to the service. The service has tiers ranging from “basic” to “expert” but the best part of it, being a decentralized service, the cost of using the service is to simply hold some of the CHART tokens (which has an added benefit which I will discuss further in on in this post).

The prices:

2000 CHART for Basic services

3000 CHART for Advanced services

4000 CHART for Professional services

5000 CHART for Expert services

And these services do come with good perks. And I must stress again there is no monthly fee. Later on down the line they may add an optional smart contract for monthly payments to extend your tier services with added benefits.

Now the added benefit as stated above. Imagine, a service like this for traders with a tradingview like service but for low cap ALT coins, not having a monthly fee but users of the product are HODLING their coins to use the service. This will create an environment where no one is selling and people are buying. This will create buy pressure and stop selling pressure. I would not underestimate this coin for price growth going forward. With that said, at the time of writing this article CHART is very low on the coin list ranking at 1545 on coinmarketcap. In other words you want to be buying this (and using their service) now while its still early and be making gains on the coins you hold to use the service.

CHART coins can be bought on uniswap. Remember to double check contract addresses.

Check out the Website here.

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