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There is a clear and distinct attempt at a cultural revolution in our midst, a cold war being fought as we speak. We will get to that, but first let’s start from the top.

Since the covid 19 dump, Which I might add was in line with the technical analysis…..

The markets have been fruitful in its recovery.

We broke out of the multi year pennant formation bullish. To me, this is EXTREMELY bullish. Cryptocurrency is still a baby as the entire market cap is tiny in comparison to other markets and we have MUCH more room to moon. Based on the size and the duration of the pennant we broke out of, we may be entering an insane, multi year bull market which will dwarf the run of 2016/2018.

But the knife cuts deeper than just the markets being markets. Why is crypto going to moon? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We need to get back to fundamentals here.

In previous posts, I have discussed and predicted world events, events which are unraveling now, and as we can see seems to be getting worse by the week. The civil unrest has made its way to the USA and will likely spread throughout the rest of the western countries.

There is a political undertone to all of this, there has been for decades, and that political undertone is communism.

There is a cold war going on and that war is an ideological driven conflict. This conflict at its core is capitalism vs communism/marxism.

The tactic that communists/marxists are deploying to attempt to implement their ideology is through subversion and division (through gender and racial politics). There is also the idea of never letting an event (even if said event is a tragic one) go to waste. This is where we see things like covid 19 being used as a tool to be used for social engineering.

We can also see the publicized events in the media such as the deaths of black men in particular, used to enrage the masses in order to cause more civil unrest. Over the course of summer 2020 the world watched as rioters burned US cities to the ground.

Antifa, BLM, Feminists and other related radical identity groups are all related branches of the bigger picture and they are all working actively to the common goal of implementing communist ideals within the west, and they will burn everything down, destroy public and private property, attempt to crash markets and even kill to get what they want.

They will even engage in treason, the reason being, their ideological views are more important than loyalty to their own countries. China is a communist country so it’s easy to see that they could be on the side of china who is more inline with their ideological beliefs than the capitalist west.

They are WELL funded. Antifa and BLM is funded by billionaires, feminist groups are funded by your tax dollars to the tune of 100s of millions depending on what country you may reside in, all the way into the billions. They also have a heavy presence in political positions.

Now, this cold war I am speaking of here, hopefully stays cold, but in my opinion it may be too late for this, as we can see the political unrest in the USA is flaring up in actual acts of violence.

The snowball is rolling down the hill and there may be no way to stop it. We are coming to a point where things could get hairy. The civil unrest seems as if it may spark into civil war.

The USA gun sales reflect this point:

For many reasons, cryptocurrency is needed now more than ever.

First off, cryptocurrency can never be confiscated or stolen as long as your private key is never exposed or lost. This protects you from tyrannical regimes that would attempt to do this.

Second, cryptocurrency is discrete. If no one knows you have it, you fly under the radar.

Third. we have already entered an era of cancel culture and censorship. Platform like youtube, facebook and the like are censoring people that simply don’t agree with their marxist narratives. I would anticipate that these platforms will see an exodus when blockchain based DaaP platforms become more readily available for the masses to use where they wont be censored and free speech is respected.

Fourth. If you need to move quickly (as we are beginning to see in many USA cities, as people are fleeing areas that are facing unrest), cryptocurrency will be the best candidate. You can store it in your ledger, paper wallet, on a thumb drive on your keychain or even in your head if you memorize your key. If you need to get out of a country as a whole, you can do this with no issues, no one will even know you have it.

The market as a whole could also be the saving grace to the whole dilemma we are in as a society. As I have stated in previous posts, the crypto market as a whole, being the next evolutionary step in human progression promotes a truly decentralized and free, open market where the best ideas, products and services will simply win and be adopted. It allows any and everyone to join in and reap the rewards of the market, wether it be in trading, investing, ICO’s/low caps, lending or loyalty. Anyone can create and deploy projects to solve real world problems.

We are headed into even more uncertain times. Whatever you do, make sure you are prepared to face the challenges that are coming our way, and make no mistake about it. When it comes to the radical groups discussed in this article, they are openly against capitalism and capitalists, the fact that you are participating in a free and open market (and possibly are getting rich from it) makes you a direct enemy and target of these people.

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