MTV Possible Reversal Diamond

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We have been watching Multivac for some time now. It may be in a reversal Diamond. MTV has been struggling since its IEO on Kucoin. With low volume on the exchange and people selling at a loss after the price fell when it was released on exchange. However, this seems to be due to the low over all liquidity on Kucoin in general.

The team has been reassuring its telegram users since then that they have been working hard on getting the ball rolling on the project, releasing code on GitHub and beginning its marketing . As of writing, the MTV price is:

1.48X ROI in BTC

1.03X ROI in ETH

0.97X ROI in USD

The project has been moving forward with its development as it has its technical paper, sharding paper, programming white paper and purple paper released. They also have a working beta test net (Phoenix 1.0) online.

With what the charts are showing, the progress on the project, working product and low prices. It may be time for speculators to start taking a second look at this project. The team has stated that they are in talks with Kucoin in regards to the token withdraw unlock. They have also stated they will be working on getting more liquidity on new exchanges. Time will tell as the details of the IEO agreement are not known as they have a NDA between with Kucoin. With this said It is likely that Kucoin will allow for withdraw of MTV tokens soon. This might be a good time to get in on the ground floor for market speculators.

There was also a tweet spotted by Frank Lyu (Multivac CEO) of Multivac possibly working with Microsoft.


We wont know anything for sure until there is official news from the team but things could be looking up for this new coin.

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