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It’s a gift to be able to see patterns in life. To see the trends and movement of things. During the bear market it was easy to notice the stages and psychological responses of the people within the crypto space. From the euphoria all the way to the depression and desperation. During this time, Block Advisor was hard at work building our own little infrastructure. While building, still in the market and watching over the space.

It’s not hard to see the trends changing in the market. The mentality is changing and getting away from its roots. We must remember why we are here. We must remember the vision of Satoshi and decentralization. As of late it is noticeable that many people/investors within this space care less and less about this, there are even people in the crypto space that are advocating for more rules, regulation and government intervention. We have also centralized the ICO space by letting the exchanges usurp it.

The thing we all must remember is that cryptocurrency itself is a tool, like a hammer or a wrench. Like any tool it can be used to build great and good things that can help humanity. Or, it can be used for great evil. The tool on its own is just that. A tool. What matters is what we do with it and who we allow to control it.

Satoshi’s vision was for the tool to be in the hands of everyone. By nature it is in everyones hands, hence its decentralized nature. Everyone is in control thus no one has control. No one owns Bitcoin and even if it is 51% attacked, it is open source and thus can be forked to a new network where it is not controlled.

The thing about humanity, humans seem to have a tendency to clump together and form government.

We can see this when we look at cities.

We can even see a visual example of this when we look at the visual representation of the internet.

With this considered its not hard to see why governments have so much power and influence over citizens (when it should be the other way around), and why corporations like Google and Facebook have so much power over the internet and can decide who gets seen (and who gets business) and who does not. It’s all quite literally in their hands.

It’s a reality of the species, it is human nature. Humans have never encountered a system of decentralization such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. With this said, it is highly likely that where we are in technological advancement is the proverbial fork in the road, and I don’t mean bitcoin forks here.

Something like cryptocurrency can either free us or enslave us.

A decentralized world means we are free to express ourselves. We can run small and efficient governments, free from bureaucracy, over spending and illegitimate war. Free from tyrannical governments or tyrannical ideological groups. It’s a future where we are free to live and let live. It’s not a vision of all out lawlessness as some may think, but it is a future free from nanny states making laws and statutes for the simple reason of taking more and more from its own citizens for trivial reasons or causing division among its people to keep them distracted. It’s a future where people are free to think as they want and where freedom of speech is maintained. It’s a future where humanity can, by way of enlightenment come to the realization that we are all more alike and have no reason to be in constant conflict with each other. It’s a future where humans can continue on the road to becoming a type 1 civilization and beyond because through decentralization, we can learn to work with each other for the betterment of humanity despite trivial differences and look more toward our strengths and common interests. It’s a future where we can leave hypocrisy behind and educate ourselves, look at the facts and work to make changes that benefit us both individually and thus collectively. Already the decentralized world is a space where people of all races, colors, creeds, sexual orientation and IQ levels are attempting to work together.

A centralized world on the other hand, powered by cryptocurrency does not look so good. This is a world of tyranny. It would end up being a world where everything you do is tracked. There would be no privacy as even the things you buy in your own home online would be traced. Any government or even worse a world government would be aware of your every move and every transaction. If the currency was under control of this governing body, they would be able to freeze assets, block transactions or censor you just for saying or thinking the wrong things. We can already see examples of this on social media where people with alternative views are de-platformed.  Right now (in western countries) it is corporate entities doing this (IE Google, Facebook) by proxy. It is so far gone that the every day citizen is self censoring and self policing. The next step is direct government control. At that point there will be nowhere to run. Places like China already have government mandated pilot projects for social credit scores, this would likely end up being the result within western countries as well. With technologies such as IOT (internet of things) and automation this future would likely resemble the future depicted in the film Elysium. It’s a place where you are a slave and must think, say and do as you are told. If you swallow the pill you may be able to live a false life of forced “happiness”, full of fake smiles, pharmaceutical pills (anti depressants) to keep you thinking “right” and going along to get along. Living with everyone else in blissful ignorance, hypocrisy and a tyranny that looks at you as cattle to obey and keep the wheels greased. It is constant surveillance even at home as more and more people are welcoming listening devices into the home (Alexa, Siri, smart TV’s and so on). Once automation is in full swing and most jobs are lost it gets worse.

Transactions are quite literally the back bone of human interaction. Almost everything we do is based on this to some extent. As of now with cash we still have a level of freedom as cash cannot be traced. As humanity progresses it is inevitable we will adopt something better and easier. Cryptocurrency is also needed in the coming age of automation as machine to machine transactions will surpass human transactions. But who do you trust? Corruptible humans/groups of corruptible humans? Or math? Theres the rub. If everyone holds the power through decentralized cryptocurrency, corruption has less of a chance to strong arm everyone. If we give that power away via centralization, we likely enslave ourselves the world over.

It is human nature to seek security. This drive is what powers government. However, we must remember that government by nature seeks to grow. Not protect, Not provide. These things are just a means to an end.

It’s not about being fully anti government per se. It’s about the people understanding that they are the deciders and in control, we are also our own jailers. It’s the same with cryptocurrency and blockchain. We will ultimately decide our own fate. Either by getting back to the roots and vision of decentralization. Or walking down the long and painful road of centralization.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin ~ 1755

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