Volatility Returning a Sign of Strength?

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When Does Volatility Equal Risk? — Behavioral Value Investor

As I dig through ALT’s as Bitcoin clears the golden cross, We see the trends. ALT’s loosing SAT value. The telegram chats are rife with traders, fudders and investors looking to get in on ground floor prices. Some of which would probably include:

Day traders, obviously. Looking to increase holdings as they accumulate.

Fiat holders, Tether holdings or new hands looking to get in on the bottom floors.

The thing that telegram users forget is that it is not the price of the coins necessarily going down, its the price of BTC going up. But this could be a sign of a returning bull market. On the macro scale, some are saying we are bullish. Some speculate that we may trade sideways for a year. On the micro scale where most ALT coin players are hanging out time moves faster. If we are in an accumulation stage the price swings can still move 1000$ in a month.

Ultimately it seems as though most people are waiting until BTC gets to 10,000$ USD to start putting in fiat rather than getting in early. These are the mom and pop investors. With that said these are the people who should be getting in early. Everyone talks about institutions getting into the market. Here’s the thing. They already have. The past year bear market was the institutions buying up cryptocurrency from all the weak hands in the market.

Now only did they quietly buy up the market OTC, they also bought and built infrastructure plays so that in the coming bull market they will have a good chunk of the market share. The game has grown and it’s time to realize this fact. It’s time to start accumulating. We advise against day trading unless you know what you are doing. Regardless of what you do or what strategy you use you must be ready for price swings especially if you are in ALT coins. It’s still early to the game and you have some time to accumulate. Just remember to play the long game.

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