The Electric Car – A System of Control

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I have said it many times before and I will probably be saying this for the rest of my life. One of the main problems with human beings, is that they never seems to think about the ramifications or implications of the things they demand. The consumer class is constantly being sold goods and ideas. For the most part humans in western civilizations seem to judge things on how said things make them feel rather than the actual measurable outcome.

This is why pseudo science is so prevalent today. Most people can be told blatant lies about anything, then told to “trust the science” when deep down they know very well its not true. We even have academics arguing that 2+2 can equal 5 and that being obese can lead one to living a healthy long life.

The same can be said for many forms of “renewable energy” many of which are actually more harmful to humans via slave labor/child labor, the environment and even in some cases harmful to endangered species. But again, to the average person in the current day, they could care less about these issues, even though they claim too.

One thing that is clear that most people don’t care much for anymore, is freedom. I’ll go a step further and say that I believe there are many people in western civilization that don’t like or want freedom, because freedom is hard. It implies that one has to think for themselves and be able to think in more than 1 dimension. You have to anticipate outcomes and this is the crux. People who think with emotions and have 0 common sense cannot do this very well.

Enter the electric car.

The electric car you say? What could possibly be wrong with them?

To imagine this, we must look at the linear progression that will ensue with such a machine. As you may (or may not know) not only is the electric car in development, but so is autonomous electric cars. As a matter of fact, as the electric car is more and more readily available, being rolled out in tandem is the autonomous car.

Now, as much as this can be a good thing, it can also be a horrible thing. A system of control and thus be a thing that takes your power away. That power is something that is likely written in to constitutional law in the country you reside. The right to free movement.

As we can see, big tech companies have been steadily ramping up censorship. Decreasing freedom of speech, canceling people, banning people from open discussion/outright silencing people. Think about it. Wether you like or dislike someone like Donald Trump the fact that him being the president at the time being silenced and hit by cancel culture, means that we are at the point where anyone can be. No matter what level they may be at.

We also have seen this in the financial system, as banks have been discussing not doing business with him (and others that the cancel culture mob do not like or agree with).

This is a part of a clear move to a totalitarian, technocratic governmental push. Where if you are for any reason black labeled, you will be destroyed. And Trump was just the start. Pretty soon it could be you for simply saying something that the “democracy” does not like.

Now let’s take that and think about it. If everyone owns an electric car, and that electric car is controlled by a centralized entity (regardless of this centralized entity is a government or a corporation), and autonomous… Are you really the driver?

  • What happens if/when the centralized entity in question decides they don’t want you, or any specific group to not be able to travel?
  • What happens if they decide they want to restrict where you can travel?
  • What happens if they decide to restrict power to charge the car in the name of “saving the environment”?

Any excuse can be made to restrict you. As we can see in the current day, many would likely believe it.

We’re on a dangerous slippery slope on a global scale. It’s time for everyone to seriously examine their own values and examine their trust in centralized entities. Even the house hold names that many people seem to idolize in the current day. You must question if these entities really have your best interests at heart. The best interests of the planet at heart and so on. They all claim too but do many things that directly contradict these claims. Even society as a whole does this.

A lot of the tech coming out is not all about making your life easier. Even though it’s disguised as such or disguised as being better for the planet, its about power. And that power is over YOU. Regardless of whatever political side you are on.

The only way to protect ourselves against this in the coming age of IOT is decentralization. 

One of the main issues here is that the average person does not understand the tech they use in the slightest. Like most people know how to turn on a light switch, but have no understanding of the underlying tech behind it.

Remember: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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