Coin Watch – Katalyo (KTLYO) The Low Cap Gem You Need to Pay Attention to

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The market is evolving. Back in 2017 the market was still in the stage of developing its base layers with the evolution of new blockchains boasting higher transactions and robust smart contract platforms. Many of which are still here to this day working.

In the current day, we can clearly see the advance in the space. Its still early in the sense that its right on the edge of early adopters, and moving in to the realm of growing adoption and rightly so because it is in demand seeing the current state of censorship and corruption from both big tech and governments around the entire world.

The advance in the crypto space that will allow for adoption, is the growing presence of D-Apps, these D-Apps are as you can imagine allowing the masses to get on board with blockchain and they will need these services very VERY soon.

Enter, Katalyo.

Katalyo is a development solution for the blockchain, it allows its users to actually build real working blockchain solutions, even at the enterprise level. The kicker is that it allows this to happen with no code. Yes you read that correct, you do not have to code to build onchain with Katalyo. This alone has huge implications for the blockchain and the development of the crypto space.

Let’s say you own a business or have an idea. Chances are you do not know how to program. Even if you do, in many cases you may know 1 or 2 coding languages. Whats more is that to build something on ETH you have to know solidity. This means that for you as a business owner if you want to deploy blockchain solutions you have to employ a solidity programmer. For other chains you may need programmers in Javascript, C, C++, Python and so on.

To hire such a programmer, this may cost you upwards of 100K per year for 1 hire!

With a platform like Katalyo, you could simply have a great idea that is needed to solve real solutions or own an already active business of any size, buy some KTLYO and get to work on your idea, or get to work moving your business onchain. This will fill a large void for both enterprise level all the way down to small mom and pop shops to deploy blockchain solutions needed to get their business onchain and drive mass adoption into the market.

The project has a great idea from a fundamental standpoint as a DeFi project and a platform, what about the team?

The projects co founder is Ivica L. Taking a look into his history:

Let’s take a look at some of these companies:

As we can see Ivica has a pretty good history working for some pretty big names in asset resolution, consulting and blockchain. There is also the plus that the team is not anonymous. So the risk rate for this low cap gem is very low.

As of now:

  • The circulating supply is around 8M.
  • The max supply is 85,000,000.
  • The big holders of this token are locked for 4 years! Meaning that the max supply will also remain very low for some years to come.
  • The market cap as of writing is around 1.1M this is extremely low.
  • This project is DeFi and allows others to build on top of it, again with no code. This can end up being a massive ecosystem with new coins launching on top and able to communicate with each other.
  • This project is already live with a fully working product.
  • There is already a good community for this project with many in the telegram channel in both the official group and the trader group.
  • The Gitlab looks great with plenty of commits.

As for the chart:

This coin has bottomed out and is clearly showing that it is ready to break out from its bottoming pattern here. This is the time to buy.

All in all this project ticks many of the boxes for a great project to get into on the ground floor. The time is now as this project is still at a very low market cap. A quick look on crypto youtube has calls for this coin upwards of 100X if one gets in early enough.

At Block Advisor we pride ourselves on good foundational and fundamental research on good, solid projects that are actually needed and beneficial to this space, and to people in general, and this project was a great find and a treat to review.

Check out the official websites:

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Find it on uniswap:

Find it on Etherscan:

Find it on GitLab:

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