What does the future look like?

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2020 has shown us the weaknesses in society on many levels. Most people just see the surface things (like always), but there is much more to the story than what meets the eye. Everyone sees the lock downs and “case numbers” but in the midst of the day to day “news” and rumours, there have been a lot of developments. Let’s look at some of these.

  1. The UN is proposing a 1 world currency.
  2. Further division of the sexes as a result of feminism.
  3. Forced isolation from covid 19.
  4. No more small businesses because of covid 19.
  5. Rising poverty because of covid 19.
  6. Proposals and rumours of getting rid of paper currency.
  7. UBI.
  8. Mass surveillance.
  9. Tech companies and “independent fact checkers” becoming the authority of truth.
  10. Tech companies suppressing speech in the name of “safety”.
  11. Rules for thee but not for me.
  12. Draconian laws to combat a disease with a very high survival rate.
  13. Social Credit (which is already launched in China).
  14. The Great Reset.

A future mix of ready player 1, Elysium, 1984, Demolition Man and A Brave New World.

They need society to be desperate to provide the solution.

Doubt me? If I told you there would be a world wide lock down and riots for months on end 2 years ago, would you would of called me a conspiracy theorist and crazy but here we are, with draconian laws and businesses that will likely not make it and the printing trillions of dollars which will result in further inflation.

At this point the only way any of this seems stoppable is if the masses adopt decentralization. Both within deflationary stores of value, and inflationary tradable assets such as an inflationary decentralized cryptocurrency that gives incentive to be spent. If we allow the masses to adopt a centralized cryptocurrency. The world we will leave behind will look bleak.

What does a centralized cryptocurrency used by the masses look like?

It would be a world where if you say something that someone does not like, your money could be “turned off” effectively making you not be able to buy food or pay bills.

It would also be a world where a social credit system would give you a personal rank like on Uber. So if you say or do anything offensive or anything that the state or the mob deems to be not favourable, your score would go lower and after a certain threshold you will not be able to do various things like travel anywhere, get a hotel, use certain apps, apply for certain services, get a job and more.

With UBI, if you say, do or think anything that is deemed to be not favourable your UBI will also be shut off.

You would effectively be a slave to the state.

You would have no privacy.

Everything you do would be recorded, tracked and traced.

You will be judged constantly and not only by the state, but by your family, friends and strangers (which is already happening to some extent).

People will not trust each other.

It will resemble a technocratic communism.

One of the human species’ biggest flaws is that en masse they never seem to consider the ramifications of the things they strive to create.







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