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Ultralpha is a digital asset management platform, its aim is to become a bridge between investment and investor. With global adoption coming and big financial firms getting into the market. This will be a very needed thing in the space.

Many people in the cryptocurrency space have taken the time to learn how to find investments, they have done the leg work and find good projects, do deep research and even reports on this and for people in the ICO, IEO, IDO, and STO markets have had plenty of time to get into the swing of things. For the most part, these are grass roots retail investors or retail investors turned institutional as a result of success in the business and starting their own businesses.

Big financial firms have not had this luxury. There are many entities that want to get into the markets but don’t know where to start. Also, on the other side of things, there are many teams looking for investors and need better access to them. Ultralpha aims to help in this aspect as they will act as a bridge between the two parties.


“With global policy development and adoption of digital assets underway, increasing
number of professional investment institutions are looking to enter the digital asset
management market. However, the common issue in the industry is that investors have
limited access to good investment or wealth management products, while it is also
difficult for trading teams or digital asset management firms to reach out to
the right investors for their fund raising.

The root cause to this issue derives from the lack of formal broker dealer structure in
the digital asset industry. In traditional finance, broker dealer is integral part of capital
market structure connecting investors with investment products and supporting client
trading and capital raising needs. However, this broker dealer function is yet to be fully
developed for digital asset industry, leading to lack of effective communication
mechanism between investors and investment targets.

Therefore, it is critical to establish this collaboration channel for both investors and
asset management firms. In the current market, digital asset exchange is the only
effective platform connecting and serving both large amount of trading clients and
investors with its trading products and wallet management capability.”


They have a clear vision to become a bridge between investor and investment by working with the top exchanges in the market and the best projects the space has to offer them. This is very good for adoption in the space. The thing to remember is that investors do not only look to Bitcoin as an investment. Bitcoin is a wealth preserver and considered the “safe” investment within the space, yes. However there are a lot more gains to be made further down with newer projects. These projects however can be very risky if you do not know what you are looking for. This is the main reason that the ICO space is mostly retail investment and institutions that are native to crypto. Traditional investment firms are known to stay clear of new projects for the most part. Having a bridge between them and younger projects will be a great asset to the space. It will also be a great asset for quality projects in the space that need to raise funds.

“Building on deep strategic collaboration with all the top pier digital asset exchanges
and broker dealers, UAT platform strives to provide investors with a professional
platform for selecting quality investment and asset management products, and
effectively support fund raising needs of trading teams and crypto funds. Furthermore,
the platform will offer the full range of fund admin services for trading teams and funds
including but not limited to, account management, performance audit, PL reporting,
asset transfer, etc. As a result, the trading teams and funds can focus their resources
more on their ow trading and investment strategies for potentially higher return.”


In a nutshell. Ultralpha (UAT) wants to collect all the good projects with promise and deliver these options to investors, effectively weeding out the bad apples and offering good investment options to users. Last bull run the space was littered with scams and dead end projects. Anyone who was around back then knows this. With a product like UAT we can combat the bad actors and focus on the good projects. This could also help balance the power with the IEO craze in theory. If more good actors come into the space and offer good trusted projects to the market for ICO’s we can restore some power of ICOs and VC style investing back to the people.

“UAT platform’s comprehensive service offering to asset management teams:

• Work with all the professional asset management and trading teams on the launch of their investment products.
• Open up all the investment products to top-tier digital asset exchanges or trading platforms.
• A series of professional fund admin services to asset management teams, from account management, performance audit to PL reporting and other admin management services.

UAT platform’s comprehensive service offering to fund investors:

•Conduct independent due diligence (“DD”) on asset management fund and publish DD result.
•Provide wallet management service for each investment product to safeguard client asset.
•Conduct fund performance audit and PL reporting for each investment product.
•Investors can utilize and consume UAT token on the platform for any inquiry, transfer, redemption and other admin operational services”


The UAT token will be used as a utility token for using the platform. Meaning, if you hold this token, you will be able to use the products and services offered on the platform. When the platform begins offering projects to investors token holders will be able to invest in such potential investments and also use other wealth management services offered on the platform.
The token supply looks good as well as only 500 million tokens will ever exist:

40% of the total supply will be offered up for private, pre, and public sales.

40% of the total supply in addition will be used to give incentive for investment mining.

20% of the total supply in addition will be allocated to the team

These numbers look good as well as the team will get a small portion of the total supply. Early investors will control most of the supply early on as the mining coins will need to be mined over time.

10% of the presale (20 million UAT) tokens will be unlocked at the moment of exchange listing.

5% more tokens (12.5 million UAT) will unlock every time UAT is listed on a top tier exchange.

In addition, for every 1 UAT mined, 1 UAT will be unlocked from the presale portion.

The team also looks good and has ties with Bitmax exchange, which means this project will release there. It might quickly get listed on other top tier exchanges as well.


In conclusion this project looks very good. The project itself may turn out to be a game changer in the space as investors want to weed out the bad actors from the good projects and give institutions as well as newer retail investors more confidence to dive deeper into crypto investments.

It is very early in the projects development, the telegram has just over 2000 members as of writing, it is advised to get involved before the hype as word has been spreading in various telegram chats. They have recently finished the presale which was over subscribed. They will be having a public sale in August. The sale as of now is planned to be a traditional ICO which may attract many investors as IEOs have been hard to get into for investors. It is advised to watch this project closely and stay in contact via telegram. They have yet to announce a whitelist but this will likely happen sometime in the near future.

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